19 Dec

I have slacked off writing this blog. Mainly because I was doing research on how to write. I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog.

Hindsight tells me I should have made individual posts with links talking about each site I visited and learned from, including what I learned and how it helped. Sort of a before and after type of thing.

But that is what happens when you don’t know what you are doing. Which is exactly how I saw that I needed the research.

I am going to try and post each site and detail what I learned. The first I want to post is due mainly to the amount I learned there.

This link is just one aspect of writing that was tripping me up. That podcast does have explicit content, so you have forewarning.

Things I have learned from the three hosts, or their guests, are numerous. I’ll list a few things that stopped my writing in it’s tracks, and due to listening to this podcast, I now have the answers to move forward.

Character “skeletons”

Pantsing and plotting


Serials, novelettes, Single novels, novel series (this one I knew the difference between the types of books, but hadn’t thought much about how each style was written, and what kind idea is appropriate for which style)

I’ll write more on these topics as I write in those different styles.


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