23 Mar

This week I’ve been conducting an experiment. I find that I learn more when I explore avenues that aren’t strictly needed, but are part of, or related to the task at hand. I have blogged before about overcoming writers block by outlining and building the story scenes in my mind. Those were both experiments that proved to be greatly beneficial.

One experiment that didn’t prove beneficial was to focus on just one book. I have written one book of a serial focusing on just that one, and it worked. So I decided to do the same on another book. It on the other hand I couldn’t write, I wasn’t ready to. I needed much more research and studying to write it properly.

In trying to stick with that one book no matter what I wasted a lot of time. Time I could have spent writing a different book. The reason I couldn’t write that book without more research is that I couldn’t build the story in my head without figuring out certain things. I saw that early on, but I tried pushing through and ended up wasting time.

Every writer is different and will have different ways they write well. So I experiment to find the best ways for me. I listen and read what other writers do, and test each way for how it works for me.

Right now I am doing an experiment where I’m totally Pantsing what I write. I’m trying to improve the speed and thoroughness of my imagination. I also want to see if I can write a complex story without outlining. To see how many plot holes, fraying threads, character inaccuracies, etc. that I end up with.

My reason for doing this is two fold. To exercise my imagination, and to see if I’m restraining my imagination with too much plotting. I have already found that I need some plotting, so I’m working out a balance.

I’m not expecting to write one or a few books and strike it rich. I expect to make writing a career, even if I end up striking rich. I love writing more than just about anything, and I hope to be making stories for a long time. So I’m continually looking to improve so my career will always produce better and better product.


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