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31 Mar

Last week I wrote about experiments, one aspect of that experiment has shown to be a detriment to writing well. It may just be that my imagination is too restricted at the moment. Which was the entire purpose of that experiment, to get my imagination back to flowing more freely.

When writing well, you can describe in intricate detail at times the environment your characters are in. In some situations, that is the perfect aspect to add into a story. It can show a characters state of mind, explain backstory with minimal words, introduce plot threads that linger in the readers imagination begging for an answer.

As I’ve been writing this book purely off imagination, I’m realizing that I’m not showing the reader enough. I’m telling what’s going on without eluding to it.

This coming week, I will be adjusting my experiment to incorporate more showing in my writing. I’m assuming, at least at first, writing will take much longer. I’m going to run a line of dashes to separate the two methods in the experiment, like so.

This will allow me to easily find the beginning of the change and prior to it. This has also given me ideas about a different way to outline. Basically using Pantsing and telling to get the basics down for the entire book. Then when I go to write it, the entire story will have already been seeded into my imagination and growing while I work on other projects.

The importance for seeding is my own, but possibly will help others. My brain tends to work on multiple things at the same time. When I was younger this was an issue, and some thought I had ADHD. It’s possible I do, I just consider it built in multitasking. A trait that is very useful, but also has its own difficulties that I have had to adapt to over the years.

So… What seeding does is give my brain multiple tasks to work on at the same time, just in my subconscious. In adapting to this multitasking aspect, I have learned to set multiple tasks to work on, while also training my mind to focus strongly. The focusing was much more difficult without the multiple tasks in play.

How did I learn to do this you might be asking? I watched mothers, they’ve been doing it for generations, possibly since the beginning. So if you have ADHD, ask your mother for advice.


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One response to “Show & Tell

  1. rezinate

    April 8, 2014 at 9:10 PM

    Life is the ultimate stimulus, name a stimuli and it’s there. Can’t speak authoritatively but I suspect writers have a tendency towards seclusion, they want to “hole up”, get lost in whatever they’re writing – head to that man or woman cave.
    In my opinion that’s the wrong approach as the greatest source of imagination is input, and imagination is what fuels creativity, not just creativity but a diversity of creativity.
    The natural world or interaction with others not only is necessary for physical and emotional well being but lends itself to all endeavors.
    Introspection and quiet time can be a positive, too much and they become negatives – maybe the origins of the cliche you mention.

    “The trick is to learn to adapt or change your environment.”

    One can adapt to most things, but the question is what is lost in doing so?



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