Paragraph length

08 Apr

I’m currently reading a book, I don’t want to share the name as I don’t want to seem to be talking bad about it. First off I am really enjoying the story itself, I think the writing is well done, but I’m having trouble creating a flow in my mind.

I’ve been analyzing everything I could think of to try and find something wrong with the writing itself. I honestly couldn’t, which perplexed me, the only thing I found that didn’t resonate well with me was the book beginning with an action sequence. Unknown characters, facing possible death, just had a hard time getting into the action, because I didn’t know the characters. The writer made up for that though, as the story so far is evolving really well, and I’m getting really interested in it. But I’m still having trouble staying hooked.

Then it hit me. The paragraphs are too long for me, I’m losing my place in the middle of the block of words. Seems like around 6-8 lines is my max, 4-6 is a good pace generally. Which got me thinking, are others this way? What’s feels like a good paragraph length to you?


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