Coming back/ Character profiles

16 Aug

I would like to start this post by apologizing to all my readers. Life reared it’s sometimes ugly head, and I had to set priorities. Unfortunately for this blog writing in many forms took a back seat.

Besides me stopping smoking, my grandmother died, my sister discovered she had  a serious heart condition, and both of my vehicles started breaking down.

But I got my Macbook Pro fixed so life is livable again. It never ceases to amaze me how the smallest thing can bring so much joy as to counter so many bad things.

I would also like to send a mysterious shout out to some good friends who have been so understanding regarding my drastically lessened contact. You all are great,  true friends, you know who you are.

Now to the main topic… Character Profiles!

I’ve mentioned this before, and said I would explore this a bit, but honestly I haven’t written enough to really need a detailed profile of even a main character, I can still keep track of it in my head.

I actually have multiple stories that I am keeping track of in my head which also brings me back to the need for character sheets.

Mental fatigue is a real hazard to the creative process. Character profiles can allow your mind to take a break. They can be as simple or as in depth as you like. The forums for NaNoWriMo have a great example of a very in-depth character profile.

I tend to have an idea for a character but not a solid profile until I start building the story. So what I have begun doing is to fill out the profile as I go, if I make a change while writing the outline or rough draft, I change the profile. That way when I am writing at any later time, I have all the main points in a simple sheet.

I personally use A Novel Idea on my Ipad, but it is not extremely extensive, so eventually my character will outgrow the app.

One big issue I have been working on in creating a profile is subtleties. There are aspects to a character that I want, but I’m undecided on how the character became that way.

Part of being a writer is knowing people. How any number of happenstances can result in the exact same issue down the road. Or how the exact same happenstance can result in entirely different results, because who they happened to are so very different.

The problem with knowing people extremely well is deciding on one direction, hence why fill out the character sheet as I go.

That’s all I have time for today. Next week I will give my thoughts on turning ideas into short stories, or letting them brew into something much bigger.


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