Setting changes everything

21 Dec

Anyone who tells you the same story can be told in multiple settings is only looking at the surface of the story. Don’t agree? How would the story change if it was Dennis the Menace…of Harlem? Sure it could still be a silly kid terrorizing through mistakes, but they would almost surely be different, the culture is different, there are multiple cultures not a mono culture as in the tv show or cartoon. Dennis never had to deal with racism from a young age.

Look at the repo-man of organs that jude law played, it was still a repo man, but the setting of his job was entirely different, which changed the entire story. Quite often you can change the setting of a popular story just to get a different perspective on a common one, and it suddenly changes everything, and a new story blossoms.

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One response to “Setting changes everything

  1. rezinate

    December 27, 2015 at 9:44 PM

    Interesting premise – hadn’t really thought of it in such terms but a
    valid point.



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