Of eggs and baskets

05 Feb

I recently had a scare where my macbook pro got stuck on the startup page. For one reason or another I have not made back-up copies of all the different story pieces. Now, I normally don’t keep all my eggs in one basket. I had originally kept copies of my stories in my email. I’d send a copy from my personal email to my writers email. For some reason I had gotten out of that habit.

That’s why I almost threw up when I got the “white screen of death” as they call it. Apparently this is a fairly common issue with Yosemite and later OSXs, I recently upgraded to El Capitan. I got on the net through my other laptop, and looked into troubleshooting the issue. I tired safe mode, disk utility, resetting the PRAM and SMC, none had any effect.

I contacted a friend and they sent me this link.

I found the solution there. I had to re-install the OSX over itself, luckily it didn’t erase anything. What it really did was kick me in the teeth and warn me of my stupidity. I got complacent, my mac never really had any problems (other than when I spilled coffee on it) so that just became the reality of it. I had to remedy this lack of foresight, so I bought an external where I will keep all my stories, and related stuff, research, writing info, etc.

So in closing, don’t keep your eggs in one basket. Always back up, always make copies, don’t let yourself get complacent thinking it will always be there. Stuff happens…

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